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22. 2. 2011 Specialization x fields

In 2007, new courses in bachelor's and master's degree programs were accredited, designed to replace former informatics specializations. Students admitted to bachelor study in the academic year 2007/2008 and previously could receive a certificate of informational specialization in the bachelor courses Informatics and Applied Informatics at the latest in spring 2010.

Students admitted to the postgraduate studies from the 2008/2009 academic year and before may, according to the "old" conditions, elect a specialization in the field of Applied Informatics and Informatics at the latest in the semester of spring 2011. However, the faculty management recommends transferring from the chosen specialization to one of the new study industries. Possible collisions during the transfer will be addressed through a request through the Study Department.

Within the newly established branches in bachelor and master study accredited from the semester of spring 2007 it is not possible to choose specialization. At the same time these specializations are abolished in the fields of Informatics (bc), Applied Informatics (bc), Informatics (nav.mgr), Applied Informatics (nav.mgr).

The exception is formed by optional specializations, the acquisition of which is conditioned by the work and passing of prescribed subjects in the Studio of Graphic Design and Multimedia (Švalbach). In the Bachelor program Applied Informatics, the field of Applied Informatics remained optional specialization Graphic Design and Typography and Text Systems, the Master of Applied Informatics program, Applied Informatics remained an optional specialization Graphic Design.

When transferring courses without credits from a bachelor's degree to a post-graduate master's degree, credits for the number of credits in the subject areas are counted for the purpose of meeting the field conditions.

Applied Informatics

(optional specialization Graphic Design and Art Informatics and specialization Typography and Text Systems)

Field of study: Applied Informatics
Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Radek Pelánek, Ph.D.
Guaranteed workplace: Faculty of Informatics

The course is intended for students who want to acquire basic knowledge in computer science and to learn about principles of creation and use of information technologies. Students will acquire the knowledge and practical skills they can use immediately after they get into practice. The branch is oriented towards software development and application of informatics. Students can:
- to enter into practice as graduates of the Bachelor's program with the possibility of increasing qualification and deepening of specific professional knowledge realized according to the needs of the employer,
- continue to study other masters programs and gain prospective interdisciplinary knowledge,
- continue the study of master programs focused on informatics including theoretical computer science. It is possible to acquire knowledge covering the professional part of the teacher's approval for teaching computer science at secondary schools.
The branch can be graduated without specialization or it is possible to choose one of the two optional specializations Graphic Design and Fine Informatics and Typography and Text Systems whose graduation is conditioned by work in the studio doc. Švalbacha.

Course structure:

The specific composition of the subject is largely left to the choice of the student.

1.3.2007 Interruption of studies

In accordance with Article 22 (8) and (9) of the Study and Examination Regulations of Masaryk University, students are allowed, in the case of a "non-compliant" assessment, for a part of the state final examination of interruptions to the next state examinations. In accordance with the above article, students will not be allowed to extend the interruption between the regular and the corrective deadlines for the final state examination.

2.2.2005 Type of subject registration SBAPR (bachelor's thesis) and SDIPR (diploma thesis)

The SBAPR (bachelor's thesis) and SDIPR (diploma thesis) require the required number of credits (10 credits for bachelor's and 20 credits for diploma thesis). The student can divide this obligation into any number of semesters.

From the Spring 2005 semester, therefore, an application is running in the IS that allows you to select the number of credits you want to enroll in the subject.

Procedure: In the registration application, choose:
Change the credit of an item
Write and save the number of credits considered.

Please note that students are not able to earn higher than the specified number of credits. In the case of enrolling more credits, you are exposed to the risk of subsequent non-recognition of credits and possible non-compliance with the requirements of the Study and Examination Regulations.

At the same time, we recall the obligation of students to enroll in SOBHA in the semester in which they intend to defend their bachelor or diploma thesis. The registration of SOBHA is the basis for the study department in the preparation of official assignments and the organization of defense. If you do not surrender your work for any reason, the subject entry will be canceled (without penalty).