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ISIC and photography


You have been advised to have your photo taken immediately after enrolment. This photo will be displayed in the MU Information System and also on your ISIC card.
You can have your photo taken at the Department of Computer Science, which provides more information about taking photos of people at MU. The image in IS will change within 24 hours.


The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is given to all FI students. The ISIC gives you access to many university and faculty systems and is an international student card that allows you to enjoy many benefits and discounts not only in the Czech Republic.

ISIC allows you to:

  • Access to buildings and classrooms
  • Access to the university computer lab
  • Access to libraries and book lending
  • Payment for photocopying and printing in libraries and computer labs
  • Paying in the canteens
  • Access to classroom equipment if you teach

Obtaining and validating

You get an ISIC once you meet three conditions:

  • You enrol in a course of study
  • You have your photo taken (typically right after enrolling)
  • You order your ISIC at the MU Business Centre and at the same time confirm your consent to the processing of your personal data.

First year students do not pay for the ISIC card, it is issued to them free of charge by the faculty. Ignore the "NOT PAID" status when ordering an ISIC for 0 CZK or a re-sticker for 0 CZK. You will collect your card from the Study Department once you have received an email that your card is ready for collection, which is usually after the start of term. If your card is lost, damaged or stolen, contact the Study Department who will block the card and advise on the issue of a new card.

The benefits of the ISIC card are valid until the end of the following year from the date of issue. Even after the expiry date, you can continue to use the card within MU, but you will need a revalidation sticker if you wish to take advantage of the benefits of the International Student Card. This can be ordered via the MU Business Centre.