ISIC and Taking Student Photographs

Having Your Photo Taken

You were recommended to have your photo taken immediately after you enroll. This photo will be displayed in the MU Information System and used on your ISIC card.
To change the picture, you can have another photo taken at the Institute of Computer Science which provides detailed information on photographing people at MU. Your ID photo in IS will change within 24 hours.


All FI students receive ISIC (International Student Identity Card). ISIC will give you access to many university and faculty systems. At the same time, it is an international student ID which brings you a number of benefits and discounts both in the CR and abroad.

ISIC will allow you to:

  • access buildings and classrooms
  • access the Contact and Monitoring Centre (university computer room)
  • access libraries and checking out books
  • make payments for making copies and using printers in libraries and computer rooms
  • make payments in cafeterias
  • access classroom facilities if you function in the capacity of a teacher

How can I get ISIC and how long is it valid?

You can get ISIC if you meet the following two conditions:

  • You enroll in a study program
  • Have your picture taken (this usually immediately follows the enrollment procedure)

If you lose or damage your card, or if it is stolen from you, order another copy from the MU Information System, pay (first year students do not pay for their ISIC cards, the faculty issues them free of charge), and send an e-mail to the Office for Studies requesting your new card be printed
You can enjoy all the benefits of your ISIC card for a year from the date on which the card was issued. Even after its expiry, the card may be used within MU. If, however, you want to make use of the benefits it brings as an international student card, you need a validation sticker. The sticker may be ordered using the MU Shopping Center.