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The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) gives you access to many university and college systems and is an international student card that allows you to enjoy many benefits and discounts not only in the Czech Republic.

It is one of the obligations of MU students to have an identification card.

First year students do not pay for the ISIC card, it is issued by the faculty for FREE.

Obtaining and validity:

  1. Enrol for studies
  2. Insert photo into IS:
  3. Register at the Business Centre by 31 August 2023 and order an ISIC card for the 1st year for 0,- CZK, which also confirms your consent to the processing of personal data.
  4. Follow the News on the FI website, where information about the possibility of taking out an ISIC card will be published during September. It is not possible to issue an ISIC card if you do not have a photo inserted in your profile in IS MU.

ISIC card benefits are valid until the end of the following year from the date of issue. Even after the expiry date, the card can continue to be used within MU, but if you want to benefit from the benefits of an international student card, you need a revalidation sticker. This can also be ordered for a fee via the Business Centre. After payment, you can pick up your revalidation sticker as soon as possible at the Student Services Office.

Students in the first year of their Bachelor's degree and students who have not yet been issued an ISIC card do not purchase a sticker. ISIC stickers for re-admitted students and for students in the first year of a continuing Master's degree are FREE.


If your ISIC card is lost, damaged or stolen, please contact the Student Services as soon as possible, who will block the card and advise on the issue of a new one. In such cases, you will pay the full cost of a new card.