Selecting your topic

It is indeed standard at CRoCS to find your topic by contacting directly a supervisor who can offer a number of topics based on a discussion that are not liste below. For more information on what are the current research goals and thus open areas for thesis' topics see this page. Otherwise, you can choose from currently open topics on this page.

In any case, please keep on your mind that your work on the thesis with CRoCS is expected to last two semesters, and don't seek at CRoCS topics where you expect to produce a quick and dirty job on the thesis in few months. We enjoy working with students who wish to graduate with a great final thesis, cooperate with their thesis supervisor and are keen on research in (cyber)security or cryptography.

Currently open topics

On this page you can find the list of the currently opened bachelor and master theses topics. For more information click the name of the selected topic (you will be redirected to the authenticated area of the IS).

Bachelor theses

Master theses