The term "freemover" has no formal status. Free movers are students who organize their studies independently. It is used loosely to designate a student who is accepted to study at a university in another country, usually for a semester, sometimes for a year, outside of any regular or standard programme (e.g. Erasmus, etc.). As such, the student in question is being accepted at the host university as an act of good will on its part.

If your university does not have a formal exchange agreement with FI MU, you may apply to non-degree study at FI MU for 1 semester or a maximum of one academic year.
Students applying under this category must have the necessary background and prerequisites for the courses they wish to follow. It is recommended to be at least in your third year of university studies. All students must fulfil the English/Czech language requirements according to the tuition language.


  • select courses you want to attend at FI MU (course catalogue, list of courses). The courses are available for all students as long as students meet the entry requirements.
  • complete a Learning Agreement
  • fill out online Freemover Application
  • submit an official transcript of records of your home university
  • submit a proficiency in English
  • upload all required documents into online application
Application Deadline: 31st May for the Autumn semester and 30th October for the Spring semester.
In case you will have any futher questions, please send them to the email: int(atsign)fi(dot)muni(dot)cz

Responsible contact: Ing. Radka Brolíková