Lexical Computing is a world leader in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Specifically, we focus on working with corpora – text databases with tens of billions of words.

We supply customers with various text databases, such as word frequency lists, which can be used for automatic translation tools, predictive writing or Wordle-like language games among others. We provide language data in 100 languages with a total size of over 700 billion words.

Our main product is Sketch Engine – an online application for creating, analyzing, and managing corpora. It can search billions of words in seconds. Its users are usually linguists, lexicographers (dictionary makers), translators (e.g. the European Commission), terminologists, interpreters, students as well as teachers of foreign languages. Sketch Engine is also used by hundreds of universities and research institutes around the world, including companies with a focus on language technology and artificial intelligence.

Apart from language users, Sketch Engine is used by programmers, who can automate specific tasks using API.

Our customers include publishing houses such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Merriam-Webster, the Korean search engine Naver or the global localization system What3words, which uses word assignment to geographic coordinates.


Our team mostly consists of FI MU or FF MU graduates in the field of computer science and computational linguistics, respectively. Lexical Computing is a long-standing strategic partner of FI MU. Members of our team also teach at FI MU (courses: IA161 a PA153) and we work closely with the Natural Language Processing Centre (NLP Centre). We regularly participate in the Association of Industrial Partners, which is organized by the Faculty of Informatics.

Bachelor’s and master’s diploma thesis

Almost 100 students have successfully defended their final thesis under our supervision during the cooperation with FI MU. We established a working cooperation with some of them already at the time of writing their thesis or after their successful graduation.

Funded PhD Projects

We also offer paid collaborations for PhD students, whose work is related to our field of expertise. Current topics to choose from are:

You can find more information about current topics for your dissertation at: https://www.sketchengine.eu/dissertation-topics/


Frontend: JavaScript, RiotJS
Backend: C/C++, Go, Python
Database: PostgreSQL, Manatee (proprietary database designed specifically for large volumes of non-relational data)
Work organization: ClickUp, GitLab, Google Drive, Slack
Infrastructure: GNU Make, Linux, Nextcloud, OpenAPI, WordPress


Paid positions for students

Students are welcome to join us during their studies. We offer short-term or long-term cooperation, including scholarships and part-time work.

We are looking for students interested in working as a frontend developer, backend developer, system administrator, software developer or data analyst.

A current list of available positions is at https://www.sketchengine.eu/jobs/


"I came into contact with Lexical Computing at the Association of Industrial Partners FI MU. I have learned a lot of new things there and gained a better and more practical knowledge regarding Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is motivating to contribute to a tool that is used by tens of thousands of users worldwide on a daily basis. There is a small but friendly and informal team working here, always willing to help. It’s great that the company is open to the possibility of working with students already during their studies without practically any work experience and teaching them everything. I really appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on my thesis and combine that with work. The working hours are highly flexible, so it’s not a problem to study and work at the same time, even when it comes to a longer break during the exam period."

Rastislav Papčo
Junior NLP Engineer (FI MUNI student)

"I appreciate working directly at the faculty, which allows me to take advantage of breaks between classes at school, since all my colleagues are within easy reach. I have been assigned a mentor, who I can turn to for help anytime in case I’m not sure about something. I like the flexible working hours that allow me to plan each semester based on my schedule. It’s not a problem to work longer hours and then take a few days off during the exam period. There’s a nice group of young people with different specializations, even outside of NLP. There are team-building activities too. I have also received suggestions from the company for my bachelor’s thesis and even some smaller projects for NLP courses."

Ota Mikušek
Junior Software Developer (FI MUNI student)

Contact Us

E-mail: inquiries@lexicalcomputing.com

You can also come by our office directly. We are based at the Faculty of Informatics, S building, 5th floor.