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Artificial Intelligence at the Faculty of Informatics MU

Why study AI@FI?

Are you choosing your next Master's degree? Trying to play with artificial intelligence like ChatGPT? Are you interested in machine learning? Come and listen to a tutor, lecturer and graduate of the Machine Learning and Data Processing programme introduce AI as you can study it in the Faculty of Computer Science.

When and where can I learn about AI@FI?

  • Thursday 4 April 2024
  • Starting at 18:00
  • Room A217

What will be on the agenda during AI@FI?

  • Guarantor doc. RNDr. Tomáš Brázdil, Ph.D. 18:00
  • Graduate RNDr. Jaroslav Čechák 18:20
  • break with small refreshments
  • lecturer doc. Mgr. Bc. Vít Nováček, Ph.D. 19:10
  • panel discussion with speakers about AI studies at FI 19:40

Non-binding registration

If you already know you want to come, register in the form below. This will help us estimate expected attendance and secure spaces accordingly. You can certainly come without registering.

Non-binding registration
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