Centrum interaktivních a multimediálních studijních opor pro inovaci výuky a efektivní učení

E-learning at FI

The Information system of MU (IS MU) can be used not only for administrative tasks related to studies, but also for e-learning support of full-time study mode or combined form.

The user support with e-learning study materials is provided by e-technicians (e-learning applications of IS MU) and is-technicians (administrative applications of IS MU) and Service Center. If you think about multimedia support of your course, then don't hesitate and contact the Sercive Center: servistech(atsign)fi(dot)muni(dot)cz that will help you realize your ideas.

IS-technicians, e-technicians and employees of Service Center are employees of Faculty of Informatics and they participate in realization of a project Centrum interaktivních a multimediálních studijních opor pro inovaci výuky a efektivní učení, kwhich is co-financed from Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness - 2.2 Higher education and Czech Republic Government Budget.

Responsible contact: RNDr. Ing. Lucie Pekárková