Information Technology Security (Security of information and communication technologies)

Guarantor: prof. RNDr. Václav Matyáš, M.Sc., Ph.D.

This field of study focuses on areas of ​​security in computer systems and networks, cryptography and its applications. The aim is to prepare such a graduate who will be able to work in a variety of roles critical to ensure security of ICTs - specific profiling (e.g., toward cryptography, technological aspects or security management) beyond a common basis of field of study is left to the choice of the student.

The orientation Security of information and communication technologies prepares graduates to work in the area of the development and management of systems that support security, or to properly select and apply cryptographic methods to ensure specific security functions. Graduates can find employment in companies developing and providing systems that take into account the security requirements, but also in advanced management and operation of such systems. This orientation can be studied either in English only or with a mix of English- and Czech-language courses.

The orientation Cyber-​security takes into account aspects of the overlap of computer data processing outside of the tightly-defined system perimeters (e.g., with impact on critical infrastructures), reflected in the area of cyber-security and enabling specific multidisciplinary overlap of technical, social and legal aspects of cyber-security. Graduates can find employment especially in companies and institutions that, with respect to regulations, will have to deploy specialists able to cooperate with relevant coordination institutions and to ensure management of cyber-security processes. While some courses are in English, majority is in Czech.


Mandatory courses

Mandatory elective courses


Other recommended courses: PV206 Communication and Soft Skills (5+2 kr.), PV210 Bezpečnostní analýza síťového provozu (3+1 kr.), PA211 Advanced Topics of Cyber Security (3+2 kr.), PV222 Security Architectures (2+1 kr.) .

Recommended semester composition is based on the assumption that courses PV017, PV079 and IV054 were completed within the bachelor studies. In cases where this assumption is not fulfilled, it is recommended to immediately complete these courses in the first semester of the master studies, with moving courses PV208, PA193, and one of the courses MA012, MA010 to the 3rd semester.

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