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  • Informatics Colloquium 15.10. Revisiting statistical tests for random data analysis

    Informatics Colloquium 15.10. 2019, 14:00 lecture hall D1 Mgr. Marek Sýs, Ph.D., FI MU doc. RNDr. Petr Švenda, Ph.D., FI MU prof. RNDr. Václav Matyáš, M.Sc., Ph.D., FI MU Revisiting statistical tests for random data analysis Abstract: Random data play important role in many areas e.g. gaming, simulation, cryptography, etc. The quality of the data is critical for several areas hence analysis of used generators (true or pseudo random) is crucial there. Multiple incompatible test suites exist, with the tests that analyse different but similar patterns. We created a framework to comfortably run all tests from the commonly used statistical testing batteries (NIST STS, Dieharder, TestU01 and BoolTest). Using this tool, we analyzed the output of 66 cryptographic functions and evaluated the power/uniqueness of individual tests in the domain of cryptographic data. Surprisingly, a subset of only 14 tests would be enough to detect all the biases detected by the whole set -- yet no standard battery contained them all. In the talk, we will discuss the results we obtained in more details. Also, we will introduce our BoolTest battery that outperforms standard batteries when partial bits on fixed positions in data blocks are correlated.

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