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    An inspiring interview with Sofia: From Serbia to success at FI MU

    Read an inspiring interview with Sofija, a talented student from Serbia who decided to study in the Czech Republic and has achieved many successes at the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University.

    Her journey from her first visit to Brno during summer school to being awarded the "Dean's Award for Outstanding Final Thesis" is full of determination, hard work, and inspiration.

    Sofije is pursuing a Master's degree in Software Engineering, supported by a JCMM scholarship, and is actively involved in the "Forensic Support for Building Trust in Smart Software Ecosystems" research project. This project, in which she collaborates with Barbara Bühn and Lukas Daubner, focuses on designing methodologies for the forensic readiness of software systems and has produced significant results that are internationally appreciated.

    Sofije is currently studying in Italy at the University of Salerno as part of the Erasmus program, where she is expanding her knowledge and experiencing a new culture. Her dedication and achievements inspire all those interested in computer science and research. Please read the full interview and be inspired by her story.
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