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    FI MU teams shine in the NXP Cup finals in Hamburg

    Students of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University (FI MU) have succeeded in the finals of the prestigious NXP Cup competition in Hamburg. The silver FiCar team, consisting of Lukáš Poul, Martin Klimes and Matyáš Hlavinka, completed the course in just over 15 seconds. The EmCar team, consisting of Adam Mydla, Adam Valt and Vojtěch Szotkowski, placed ninth.

    The NXP Cup is an international competition in which students design, build and program autonomous car models. These models must navigate challenging tracks with a variety of obstacles, with a key element being their ability to detect and react to the obstacles. The qualifying round of the competition, in which nine teams from high schools and universities from across the Czech and Slovak Republic competed, took place at the beginning of May at FI MU. The two favourites, FiCar and EmCar, then made it through to the finals in Hamburg, where they measured their strength against an international field of the top 20.  

    Our students appreciated the experience that their participation in the competition brought them, but also the friendly atmosphere between the teams. As Martin Klimeš from FiCar describes, "Training for the race in the big tent was fascinating. A big track and lots of teams trying to make their cars go as fast as possible. Then when a car went off the track, the other teams were helping with the catching." This mutual support was confirmed by his teammate Matyáš Hlavinka, who appreciated how everyone cheered each other on and watched the success of the others. The organisers also provided a livestream, allowing families and friends to watch their performance. In addition to the opportunity to meet similarly enthusiastic car builders, each race then encourages participants to improve the driving characteristics of the models and the associated algorithms. Our participants are already making plans to improve their models. 

    Photo: FI MU representation at the NXP Cup finals in Hamburg (29 May 2024)

    The success of FI MU students in the NXP Cup is a testament to their technical skills and ability to innovate. The results from Hamburg confirm that they have something to offer not only within the academic community, but also in the wider technical world. 

    For more information about the final, please visit the organisers' website: 

    Experience the atmosphere of the whole competition with the footage of the final: 

    NXP Semiconductors Czech Republic s.r.o. has been part of the Association of Industrial Partners FI MU since 2020. Cooperation in SPP started with the modernization of the PV198 Onechip Controllers course, which received new hardware and content thanks to NXP. In addition to organizing the Autonomous Model Car Control Competition at FI, they have also been involved in the FI Talent Competition several times. The number of students participating in FI's compulsory internships and thesis writing is regularly increasing. Cooperation with the Design and Architecture of Digital Systems Laboratory  (EmLab) at FI MU is also key.

    Author: Marta Vrlová, Office for External Relations and Partnerships, FI MU

    Photo: Martin Klimeš

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