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    Computer Science Students Present Generative Art at Mind The Passage Exhibition

    The exhibition can be visited from 17 May to 2 July in the Kumst creative hub.

    The opening of the Mind The Passage installation took place on 16 May in the Kumst creative hub. The performances by students of the Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University were tailor-made for the interiors of Kumst, specifically for its corridor. The exhibition can be visited from 17 May to 2 July.

    Computer science students Martin Bertko, Martin Nastoupil, Šárka Portešová, Vojtěch Minařík, Bul Hoang Trung and Marek Dohnal are exhibiting the results of their work in the Mind The Passage exhibition, for which they have jointly created an art installation using generative visual outputs. Generative systems bring much wider possibilities with their input, and the work can ultimately take many more forms," says Helena Lukášová, lecturer at the Department of Visual Informatics at the Faculty of Informatics. The installation was purposefully created for one of the corridors of the Kumst building and will decorate its walls for the next two months.

    The common theme of the artists' works is wellbeing. Each of the students, however, conceived it differently. Among the six outputs, one can find a work called Rorschach plant, which is inspired not only by the psychological test of the same name, but also by the plants themselves. Other parts of the installation bear titles such as Ignition, Night Light, Contemporary Concentration and Guts.

    The author of the visual work Night Light is Martin Bertko, who was inspired by night driving. "With my creation, I wanted to represent those moments from my childhood in which a person watched flashing lights and raindrops running down the glass while driving in a car," explains the essence of his work.

    The exhibition of the creatives' final products will be on display until 2 July. During the month of May, Kumst will be offering, among other things, a Where to get the money workshop focusing on fundraising in the creative sphere and lectures and discussions on typography.

    Creative Hub Kumst is a project supporting professionals from the creative industries. It offers artists business support, collaboration with other creatives and also lends the Kumst space itself to showcase their work. "We don't just create a space for meeting, but we also provide a platform for further education in topics that school doesn't always give one," explains curator Tamara Plechová.


    Text & Photo: Kateřina Nováčková, Faculty of Social Studies MU

    Original text taken from Stisk online with the permission of the author.


    Generative Artificial Intelligence

    Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that has been designed to create new content on its own based on the data it is trained on. This can produce written text, sounds, videos or images, among other things.

    Studio of Graphic Design and Multimedia, Faculty of Informatics MU

    AGD+M provides education in graphic design and related disciplines at FI MU. It focuses mainly on digital media, which are nowadays replacing print media to a greater extent. This results in new interpretations of student work assignments, where students' computer science education is a great advantage. AGD+M develops this interdisciplinarity, dealing with topics such as generative design programming, application development for interactive media, animation, video, 3D digital modelling and 3D printing, e-publishing, web design, font design, game development and interactive information graphics. The Mind The Passage exhibition was created as one of the outcomes of the PV257 Graphic Design and Multimedia Project course.

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