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    MIND THE PASSAGE - opening night of generative design exhibition

    We are presenting a site-specific installation by FI MU students, created specifically for the space of KUMST.

    MIND THE PASSAGE  Thursday 16 May 2024 at 6 pm, Kumst, Údolní 19, Brno.

    The specificity of this space as a corridor is the movement of people passing through it, so the position of the viewer can be easily assumed. The space of the corridor becomes a transition of real space into a projection that fills and deforms the space.

    At FI in the classroom, students experiment with the potential of programming generative visual outputs and their possible interactive inputs, such as viewer interaction, data visualization, audio input, creating custom tools, generating visual style, etc. Student work has been presented at the Prototype Festival in previous years and at international student exhibitions. This year, two projects were shown at Milan Design Week in the context of student work in the presented project Identity.

    The possibilities of generative art are endless. It is possible to combine various inputs, to search for visuality in areas that we perceive with senses other than sight. The foundations of generative art can be found in the works of conceptual artists for whom the basic idea is central. When creating a generative output, it is necessary to think completely abstractly and to look for sources of information - "material" completely outside the traditional understanding of image making. The basic program can be easily modified, creating different variations and layers.

    Duration of the exhibition: 17 May - 2 July 2024

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    We look forward to seeing you there!