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    Neutron 2024: Gathering of experts in nuclear research

    On Friday, March 22, 2024, the Faculty of Informatics at Masaryk University hosted the second annual Neutron workshop with international participation from experts across various scientific institutions. The main goal was to facilitate personal meetings and presentations of individual results from each institution. It also aimed to establish personal contacts for further collaboration with our Ph.D. students in the areas of algorithm acceleration and Monte Carlo simulations.

    Specifically, our collaborating institutions from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and the USA participated in this event. Representatives from many Czech research organizations and universities, including the IAEA and MIT Boston, were present. The event, sponsored by Associate Professor Matěj and the EmLab laboratory, focused on issues related to measurement, simulation, and calculations in the field of ionizing radiation, particularly neutrons.


    When asked about the significance of the results presented at this workshop for current research in nuclear physics and engineering, we received a statement directly from the event organizer. Associate Professor Zdeněk Matěj responded, "The focus is primarily on the development and improvement of the OpenMC tool and contributions to the IAEA nuclear data library, which are used to calculate, design, and simulate nuclear and fusion devices." The interest in our experts' results and their international applications is also evidenced by notable contributions from representatives of distant institutions — Roberto Capote from the IAEA (Assessment of Copper Isotopes by the INDEN Method) and Benoit Forget from MIT (OpenMC).


    The main collaboration area among experts from many organizations in the coming years will be developing and processing data from hydrogen proportional detectors.

    For more information about the event, the complete program, and a list of all workshop participants, visit Neutron 2024. Presentations from all speakers will also be available there, as was the case in 2023 .

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