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    Your vote decides!

    The Student Chamber of the FI MU Academic Senate is waiting for new members.

    "It's not worth the effort!"

    "The Senate is useless."

    "I've never heard of the Senate in my life."

    "What good is it going to do me?"

    "It won't get anything passed anyway."

    Do you have similar thoughts? Do elections bother you?

    But would you like a microwave at FI? Do you miss the student club? Do you want students to be involved in improving the quality of teaching? Eight students have decided to take it upon themselves to amplify the student voice in FI MU's leadership. Four of them now have the chance to get into the Student Chamber and your vote can decide who that will be.

    Vote from March 25 - April 8, 2024 in IS:

    Now it's up to you! Cast your vote!