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    Another busy Open day for the Faculty of Informatics MU

    How was the December Open Day at the Faculty of Informatics MU? Literally packed - both in terms of the number of guests and the programme offered.

    More than three hundred prospective FI students, including their family members and friends, visited our second Open Day on Monday 18 December 2023. After the University-wide Open Day and the November faculty Open Day no. 1, they had yet another opportunity to see if computer science and FI are the right choice for their future. 

    The programme was traditionally opened by Dean Jiří Barnat with his lecture on undergraduate study programmes. This was followed by a student perspective - this time through the eyes of Ondra Hrdlička, a student of the Programming and Application Development programme, who focused on the practical aspects of life at FI and personal tips and recommendations. Newly, we included a debate between applicants and students from all four Bachelor's programmes, which opened up topics such as:

    • student housing affordability;
    • flexibility in scheduling;
    • curriculum options;
    • the possibility of changing degree programmes;
    • the friendliness and tolerance of the faculty environment;
    • possibility of inclusion of students with special needs;

    ...and many others.

    The questions of exam retake policy during the studies and the creative combinatorics of the students in applying it were also a great success for the audience.  

    We introduced the applicants to the novelty of two attempts at the Test studijních předpokladů (“Test of study competence”) as well as the wide range of possibilities of how to get to FI without taking the entrance exams. 

    The excursion included ten sites of our research teams, the industrial partner Seacomp, Spolek přátel severské zvěře (“the Friends of the Nordic Wildlife Student Society”) and the stand presenting foreign exchange opportunities called “See the world with FI MUNI”. With a little help from AI, we also transferred the interested guests to the FI world in Minecraft. Everyone then had an opportunity to take a gift on their way out.

    Thank you to everyone who came, as well as to our colleagues and the student ambassador team for their help!  

    We are looking forward to the next Open Day, on Friday 26 January 2024 from 1pm, when we will offer a programme for both Bc and NMgr. applicants, including a meeting with FI industry partners.

    We wish everyone a successful year 2024!

    Author: Marta Vrlová, Office for External Relations and Partnerships

    Original bulletin in the Information system.