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    First CHESS Industrial Day 2023 at FI MUNI

    On 8 December 2023, the Faculty of Computer Science hosted the first CHESS Industrial Day - a key day for bringing together experts from industry and academia focused on formal methods in software engineering. The programme included presentations on the uses, benefits and limitations of formal methods in practice and tool demonstrations. The event offered a great opportunity to exchange practical experiences with methods and tools for software analysis, verification and testing.

    During the day, the connection between theory and practice was highlighted. Martin Hruška from Certora opened the day with his lecture on smart contract verification. He presented how modern SMT solvers contribute to the security of blockchain technologies. Viktor Malik (Red Hat) presented challenges and solutions related to eBPF program verification in Linux Kernel. Then, Tomas Kratochvíla (Honeywell) shared his experience with the application of formal methods in software development for aviation.

    Lukáš Zaoral and Vincent Mihalkovič (Red Hat) focused on static and dynamic analysis in Linux distributions. David Kozak from Oracle Labs shed light on how GraalVM Native Image uses point-to-point analysis to optimize Java bytecode.

    The afternoon was devoted to demonstrations of game-changing tools in software analysis. Presentations of tools such as Unite/UniC by Ondra Vasicek and Jan Fiedor (FIT BUT / Honeywell), DiffKemp by Viktor Malik, and Fizzer by Marek Trtík (FI MU) revealed new possibilities for developers.

    In the last part, Tomáš Fiedor and Jiří Pavela presented their contributions with the Perun project, focused on performance control of software projects. Vesal Vojdani presented Goblint & GobPie, tools for verifying data races in multithreaded programs. Martin Jonáš (FI MUNI) presented Symbiotic, a C program analysis tool aimed at detecting various types of bugs and flaws. Each of these tools showed advances in their field and introduced new approaches to software analysis.

    CHESS Industrial Day showed the power of combining theory and practice in formal methods. The event not only provided a platform for knowledge sharing, but also outlined the direction in which the development of software tools and methods will go. Professor Kučera is responsible for the excellent organisation of the day. You can certainly look forward to more similar CHESS events.

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