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    FI MU is pretty cool

    The first of the Open Days at the Faculty of Informatics MU welcomed over 250 visitors from among potential applicants and their family members. Dean Jiří Barnat guided them through the study programmes offered and the admission procedure. This was followed by a tour of selected research laboratories, together with an introduction to the Association of Industrial Partners and the possibilities of study trips abroad. A novelty was the Minecraft FIfoto, which, thanks to artificial intelligence, transported the interested students into the environment of the faculty built from the well-known bricks. How did the applicants like it and what are we planning for them next time?

    On November 2, 2023, FI held the first of this year’s Open Days, which we traditionally dedicate to those interested in undergraduate studies. Thanks to the overlap with the Gaudeamus Brno fair, we were also visited by a number of out-of-town guests. More than half of them came from Slovakia, which corresponds to the subsequent composition of our student community. "Together with the prestige of the faculty, students from Slovakia are attracted by Brno's advantageous geographical location, as well as the possibility to use Slovak during their studies", explains Stanislav Podroužek, Head of the Office for External Relations and Partnerships at FI MU.

    Applicants can choose from three open days (DOD) each year at FI. In addition to study opportunities, we also show the wide range of scientific topics that our laboratories deal with, be it the secrets of cybersecurity, examples of human-computer interaction, or even the behind-the-scenes film production of the annual FI MU Film Festival. The most successful is the original programme of the Laboratory of Software Architectures and Information Systems (Lasaris), which this year invites visitors to a mobile application that simulates decision-making processes against the background of a computer game. During a meeting with representatives of our Association of Industrial Partners, visitors will learn about the link between studies and professional experience and about opportunities for cooperation, e.g. in the writing of theses or in the form of internships.

    The entire program is guided by current students who are happy to share their experiences of life at FI. They can advise on practical matters such as choosing a study programme, applying for a degree or finding accommodation. "Our wish is that applicants are left with a specific idea of how we can contribute to their successful life path. We want to be authentic and offer them an encounter with everything they can experience while studying here and present them with opportunities we offer," Podroužek adds. At each of the events, we collect feedback so that we are able to respond to the needs of the applicants. For example, already in December we will bring a new debate between applicants and current students from all the offered bachelor programmes to better explain the specifics and make it easier for everyone to choose.

    What do those who have already been here have to say? We asked what they would say their friends about our Open Day:

    • "Great atmosphere and nice helpful students."
    • "You learn everything you need to know."
    • "Good experience, I recommend coming to hear it."
    • "That I liked the DOD."
    • "That they made a mistake not coming!"
    • "Cool promo stuff."
    • "Interesting, fun and quite informative."
    • "Pretty cool."

    See it for yourself! The next open days will be held on Monday, December 18, 2023 and Friday, January 26, 2024. We will be offering a program for those interested in our Master's programs during the January session.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Author: Marta VrlováOffice for External Relations and Partnerships, FI MU