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    Four prizes of the new MUNI Innovation Awards go to representatives of the Faculty of Informatics of MU. Congratulations!

    On Thursday 11 November 2021, the MUNI Innovation Awards were presented for the first time at the Business Research Forum in the CEITEC MU pavilion in Brno.

    These are intended for exceptional innovative achievements that have been successfully put into practice, have helped to improve products or services, or have otherwise contributed to to increasing the social relevance of Masaryk University's research activities. On this first occasion, the awards were given for achievements over the last ten years.

    Fifty nominations were submitted, from which the evaluation committee selected seventeen. Representatives of the Faculty of Informatics of MU were awarded four times for the following achievements:

    Aleš Horák, Head of the Department of Machine Learning and Data Processing  

    The prize was awarded for the system for creating and publishing electronic and paper versions of the New Czech Encyclopaedic Dictionary, which brings a fundamental change in the way dictionary creation is done in modern lexicography. The online version of the specialized linguistic dictionary has recorded more than 4 million page views from more than 2 million visitors in 4 years.

    Petr Švenda, Department of Computer Systems and Communications

    The prize was awarded for proposing new methodologies for the analysis of security systems and cryptographic implementations. These allow to verify the security of newly developed devices and to find vulnerabilities in existing ones, or to allow their timely correction before they are exploited. In 2017, he and his group found and helped to remove the most serious cryptographic vulnerabilities in the current electronic ID cards of many European countries as well as in the security chips of major companies (Google, Microsoft). The research findings have led to a change in global certification practices for digital signature key generation.

    Radek Pelánek, Department of Machine Learning and Data Processing

    The prize was awarded for research results using machine learning and data processing methods, which were the basis for the design of learning systems implemented on the website. The website is practically used by approximately 10% of Czech schools.

    Milan Brož, Mikuláš Patočka, Václav Matyáš, Department of Computer Systems and Communications

    The prize was awarded for the creation of a disk encryption solution with data integrity checking in the Linux operating system, which is fully integrated into current versions of this operating system, including Android mobile devices and many other IoT devices.

    Congratulations to all the winners and their research teams!

    For more information about the first edition of the MUNI Innovation Awards and the other winners, see M Magazine (CZ only).