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    Virtual Autumn Course Advanced Methods in Biomedical Image Analysis with International Speakers

    The autumn course will take place each friday afternoon from October 2 till Decemcber 11, 2020 and is focused on the advanced methods of biomedical image analysis with emphasis on bio- (microscopy) image analysis. The main goal is to make the students familiar with the advanced state-of-the-art techniques of image deconvolution, image registration, mathematical morphology, image segmentation, object detection and tracking, synthetic image generation, spatial statistics, benchmarking, etc. The focus will be on the methodology suitable for multiple applications. Special attention will be paid to machine learning approaches.

    Target groups are Master and Ph.D. students of computer science, mathematics or engineering backgrounds specialized in signal and image processing. Students are supposed to know the basics of signal and image processing, machine learning and have some programming experience in this field.

    The main activities of the course will be theoretical lectures supplemented by practical examples run on students' computers.



    Organizers: Centre for Biomedical Image Analysis, Faculty of Informatics
    Web address