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    ITC 2019 already has 91 registrations from 34 countries. You can still register.

    The International Timetabling Competition 2019 is a scientific competition to solve real-world timetabling problems from universities around the world. Among the organizers is a team from the Faculty of Informatics, led by doc. Hana Rudová. Data from real university timetables that serve as the starting point of the competition are drawn from the UniTime system. There are usually teams of scientists and students in the competitions, but individuals can also be found among the winners. Interestingly, participants are gradually getting new data sets from the organizers with increasing value points. The winner can also be the one who will join later and solve some of the problems. A UniTime-based validator will immediately evaluate the quality of the submitted solution. Since the start of the competition in the summer of 2018, the number of participants has been increasing. New people are still registering, some of them only to access the competition problems. The competition will take place throughout the year until November 2019. The unique UniTime system for university timetabling was created through joint research between Purdue University, Masaryk University, and Charles University. It is a publicly available open source solution that is universally applicable to schools and faculties of various types as well as entire universities. "When we started cooperation with Purdue University on a timetabling system that takes into account student registrations in 2001, we were among the pioneers," says Hana Rudová. From modest beginnings, it has come to the point where the UniTime system is helpful to dozens of institutions for timetabling courses, exams, and events throughout the year.

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