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    MUNI Innovation Award 2023 laureates from Faculty of Informatics

    On 26 April at 14:00, the winners of the MUNI Innovation Award 2023 were announced at the MU Business Research Forum 2023, which recognises students and employees of Masaryk University whose outputs have been successfully put into practice, have helped to improve products or services or have otherwise contributed to the social relevance of Masaryk University research.

    Zdeněk Matěj was awarded for his research on the use of computer technologies and hardware systems in ionizing radiation measurements in reactors, particle accelerators and particle generators. The developed systems are newly integrated into equipment that is currently deployed, for example, at the LVR-15 reactor in Řež or VR-1 in Prague at the Czech Technical University. Algorithms enabling fast data processing help to evaluate measurements in real time and thus help, for example, to increase radiation protection of the population. Collaboration in these areas also includes research and development on projects with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), where the team has contributed to the refinement of effective cross-sections in nuclear data libraries thanks to these facilities.

    Jan Kasprzak was awarded for his applied research focusing on technical and procedural aspects of plagiarism detection, especially in thesis texts. The result of the work of the team led by him is a technical tool for finding similarities in text documents, available within the IS MU, information systems of other universities, the national archive of theses Theses.CZ and a specialized system for detecting plagiarism in term papers Odevzdej.CZ. This system has been in operation since 2008. In 2010, it was evaluated as the best similarity finding system in the PAN 2010 evaluation campaign. The system is gradually being supplemented with additional features, such as attack detection using similar-looking letters (homographs), subversion of another text layer in PDF format, and others.

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