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    Measures of the Dean of FI MU in connection with COVID-19

    Up-to-date information related to COVID-19 at FI MU as of March 29, 15:00

    29. 3., 15:00
    The effectiveness of all measures in force was extended until 11 April 2021.

    16. 3., 14:00
    The measure of the Dean of FI MU No. 4/2021 on mandatory testing of employees at SARS-CoV-2 (in Czech) 

    12. 3., 16:00

    Mandatory COVID-19 testing also applies to MU employees: 

    The measure of the Dean of FI MU for testing will be published soon.

    The previous measure of the Dean of FI MU No. 2/2021 of March 1 in connection with the COVID-19 disease (in Czech): 

    4. 3. 16:30
    MU orders working from home and is preparing a vaccination system for employees:

    18. 2. 13:30
    The decision of the Dean of FI MU No. 2/2021 on teaching in the form of online communication by electronic tools in the semester Spring 2021. This decision takes effect on the day of publication and is valid until 11 July 2021.

    7. 1. 22:00

    News in government crisis measures to limit the operation of schools and school facilities:

    * participation in individual consultations (only one student and one member of academic staff)

    * participation in university entrance exams is limited to 10 people

    28. 12. 11:00
    The university traffic-light system turns red

    7. 12. 11.00
    Traffic-light system to turn from red to yellow:

    12. 10. 13:00
    Beginning October 12, MU will be on red alert:

    2. 10. 16:00
    We welcome new students! Do you want to have a successful start of the study at
    the time of the corona? Look at MU's recommendations,
    IS MU and FI MU,

    2. 10. 11:00
    The decision of the FI MU Dean on online teaching throughout the autumn
    semester, including exam period:

    1. 10.
    The message from the Dean of FI MU Jiří Zlatuška to the students for the
    semester in the online form:;setlang=en

    23. 9.
    The Regional Hygiene Station in Brno restricts teaching at universities with
    effect from September 23, 2020 from midnight:

    22. 9.
    The university traffic-light system is currently YELLOW.
    MU faculties, and institutes may declare a higher level of alert.

    21. 9.
    * By September 25 2020, at the latest, it will be announced what the upcoming
    semester at MU will look like.

    * Information from the meeting of the MU Crisis Committee
    ** The Crisis Committee recommends the Crisis Staff to turn yellow within the
    university traffic light system.
    ** All events that do not relate to teaching and the university's essential
    operation will be canceled or converted to hybrid or entirely online; also
    applies to academic ceremonies, Dies academicus.
    ** MU employees will be required to inform employers about facts related to
    COVID-19; will be regulated by a decision rector.
    ** At a meeting with deans and heads of HS will be discussed in the form of
    implementation of teaching in the coming semester and MU's position on the
    National Accreditation Authority's opinion. Given the need to ensure that all
    students have access to teach according to the accreditation, the Crisis
    Committee considered it necessary to prioritize teaching in a "telepresence"
    mode. Contact teaching without this alternative can continue to be implemented
    only when online mode cannot adequately replace physical presence. For the
    first-year students, the Crisis Committee considers physical participation in
    classes an indispensable part of their adaptation to higher education
    conditions. Therefore, they recommend that faculties carefully consider the
    inclusion of selected courses in the contact form.
    ** With effect from September 14, 2020, the operation of the RMU is governed by
    MU Measure No. 7/19920 - Anti-epidemic measures plan in connection with the
    COVID-19 infection in the Rector's Office.

    9. 9.
    * Since September 10, FI MU has introduced the obligation to wear veils covering
    the nose and mouth in the faculty areas, especially corridors, lecture halls,
    elevators, and keeping distances in busy faculty places.

    8. 9.
    * MU announces MU coronavirus semaphore:
    You can find the color of the faculty semaphore in the MU IS: please watch
    and respect it.

    15. 5.
    * Instructions for foreign students on how to currently enter the Czech

    27. 4.
    * The methodology of testing and completing the course in JS 2020 at MU has been

    3. 4.
    * The Ministry of the Interior continuously informs about the possibilities
    of traveling to and from the Czech Republic:

    2. 4.
    * FI has another variety of Informatics courses and resources from IEEE at its
    disposal (free until June 30):

    27. 3.
    * Tested platform for synchronous communication at FI (SDZ, state exam,
    synchronous teaching) is Zoom. It is possible to use a limited number of
    commercial licenses after registration at and request.

    26. 3.
    * Masaryk University postponed the end of the examination period until the end
    of September and the beginning of the autumn semester will start on 5. 10.:

    23. 3.
    * MU will be without contact teaching at least by mid-May:

    20. 3.
    * A public session of the Senate was held in distance mode.
    The results of e-voting are that FI's draft budget was unanimously approved.
    Experience with the new form of the session will be used in the meeting
    of the MU Senate.
    * MU Crisis Center has been established by the MU Volunteer Center and its
    * The methods and procedures of distance learning at FI are coordinated
    by study programs Vice-Deans via direct mail to teachers. Experiences of
    teaching is shared and evaluated, the use of Coursera courses is considered.

    19. 3.
    * Distance study specifics at FI during a pandemic should be discussed at
    * MU moved the term of Bachelor's degree entrance examination tests (in Czech):

    18. 3.
    * MU coordinates and offers volunteer assistance:
    * GA ČR cancels grant competitions and re-enrolls them:

    17. 3.
    * Discuss in IS:
    ** The public session of the Senate on Thursday will be held in the form of
    IS discussion forum:
    ** For sharing an experience with distance learning, let's follow:

    16. 3.
    * The FI management will no longer meet face-to-face contact
    but will use electronic means such as IS MU discussion forums.

    15. 3
    * Rector Bareš comments on situation on MU (in Czech):
    * Dean's new measures towards online meetings (in Czech)

    14. 3.
    * University Hospital in Brno is looking for volunteers from among
    students of FI who are willing to help with the "reinstallation
    of computers" after the cyber attack. Complete this questionnaire:
    * State of emergency announced:

    13. 3.
    * Follow faculty information and opportunities for distance learning
    and share it here:
    * Coursera releases courses for self-study to schools in pandemic areas,
    MU asked to join the Coursera for Campus Response Program:, and succeeded
    (stay tuned for other info).
    * The deadline for canceling registered courses at FI MU is
    extended until 27 March:

    12. 3.
    * All contact teaching is canceled, activities can only take place
    in distance form by April 13th.
    * The faculty is _closed_ for students. Only the main entrance to the Botanická
    68a building could be used, only by Masaryk University employees.
    * FI-specific information will be updated in this document at IS MU
    board at URL

    11. 3.
    * Rector's letter about COVID-19:
    * An honorary doctorate ceremony for prof. Andersson has been
    postponed until further notice.

    10. 3.
    * Rector's web with news about COVID-19, rector's leave of absence announced: and;
    * FI MU dean's order to cancel contact teaching:;
    * FI MU dean's order about the closing of computer rooms: