• FI – Faculty of Informatics
  • MU – Masaryk University.
  • Study programme – The student is admitted to the high school to one of degree programmes. During the study, however, it is possible to request transfer to another study programme at the FI. Within the study programme faculty may offer one or more fields of study.
  • Field of study – Clarification of how the student specializes in the context of its study programme. Student completes the study at least one or more fields of study. List of passed fields of study is part of a diploma. In one study programme student can freely transfer between the fields of study to change his/her focus.
  • Required courses – Courses to be completed within a field of study. This includes selective courses.
  • Selective courses – Courses, which must be completed at least one variant of the given options. For example, the obligation to attend the course Programming in Java and/or Programming in C + +.
  • Elective courses – Any courses from the offer of FI and even other faculties that students can enrol according to own choice.
  • Study workload – Each course at MU is assessed a certain number of credits (points), which express the necessary study efforts to pass this course. Study workload is given minimum number of credits, which a student must obtain during the set period, for example, per semester.
  • Yellow book – Study catalogue, which is published each year by the faculty and which contains detailed information about all fields of study and courses, including their abstracts.

Responsible contact: Mgr. Simona Davidová