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Other interesting things

Intellectual property at MU

The MU Technology Transfer Center has published a brochure Intellectual property at Masaryk University in a nutshell (PDF).

Frascati Manual 2015

On the TACR website you will find Frascati Manual 2015 (Czech translation) , which is a document intended for evaluation of scientific and technological activities It is a methodological tool, but also a tool for statistical analysis and collection of information on realized research, development and innovation activities. There are boundaries between research, development and other related activities.
The document specifies five criteria to be met by research and development activities. These include, as a standard, novelty, uncertainty and, further, creative original approach, systematic and reproducible results. The manual divides research and development into basic research, applied research and experimental development, which are defined in more detail. There are also described activities excluded from R&D and specific examples that demonstrate the determination of the R&D boundary.