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Frequently Asked Questions for Bachelor's Admissions

Under what conditions is it possible to enroll in a bachelor study without a passing examination?

Acceptance without admission exam is possible if the following criteria are met:

  • the result of the National Comparative Exam from General Study Prerequisites (General Study Prerequisites in Czech, General Study Prerequisites in Slovak) held no later than the TSP term, including among the 20% best,
  • the result of the National Comparative Mathematical Examination held no later than the TSP date is one of the top 40%
  • the result of SAT I from mathematics at least 580 points,
  • the result in AP (Advanced Placement) exam of any STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field level 4 or 5,
  • the result in a standardized IQ adult test conducted by Mensa ČR or Mensa SR corresponds to at least IQ 130,
  • the successful completion of a maturita examination in Mathematics + in the Czech Republic,
  • a successful solver of at least the district round of the Secondary Technical Olympiad (professional olympiads are meant by the subject competitions announced by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic or the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the SR organized in the fields of physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, mathematics and programming);
  • placement at least in the district round of secondary school professional activity (SCO) in 1st to 3rd place,
  • successful solver of a correspondence seminar organized by FI MU.
I study FI ​​MU or I studied FI MU. Can I be denied admission to baccalaureate?

Candidates who have already studied or studied at FI MU may be admitted to the bachelor study only on the basis of TSP results.

How is the admission test promised on the basis of National comparative tests? I do not know their results before the entrance exam. Should I take part in the entrance exam? Can you also ask for a refund?

In case you succeed in NSZ and you will learn the result before the entrance exam, it is up to you to take part in the entrance exam. In case you do not succeed, you still have the chance to send a written application for a waiver of the entrance exam due to success at the NSF, but no later than February 28, 2018. You may decide, however, that you will not participate in the entrance exam and send it directly application for waiver of the entrance examination. If you do not know the outcome of the entrance examination on the date of the entrance examination, you will always be eligible for the entrance exam. Even in the case of unsuccessful admissions and success at NSZ, a better result will always be obtained.

Can I apply for a waiver of a written entrance exam electronically?

Yes, if an application for a waiver of an entrance exam is not necessary to document an officially certified copy of the document (options 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9 and possibly also 7 and 8), the completed application can be scanned and inserted into the e-application as attachment - no later than 28 February 2018.

Results of MATHEMATICS + I will know after the term TSP, how should I proceed?

TO requests for remission it is necessary to document completed Affidavit . Due to the fact that the Mathematical Exam Matriculation Examination is held after the entrance examinations at the Faculty of Informatics, we also recommend that you take part in the TSP written test, which will take place in the dates given in your e-application form, where you will find further information about this test. Participation at TSP is recommended as a failure insurance policy for Mathematics +. A better result is expected. After graduating from Mathematics +, send an email to the address study department . Or, at the latest on enrollment in the study, you will provide proof of successful completion of Maturita + Maturity Exam. If you do not receive this document and your TSP percentile is not enough for you to be accepted, you can not be enrolled in the studio.

What does it mean to be among the 20% best in the National Comparative Exam?

The percentile you earned must be 80 or more.

Does it take into account the benefit of the high school, or the result of the school leaving examination?

The benefit of a secondary school or a school-leaving examination is not taken into account.

Will the results from previous years be taken into consideration for admission without admission exam?

Yes, we also take into account the results from previous years, but the oldest can be from 2016, except for the IQ test, which is valid indefinitely. This provision does not apply to candidates who have been studying or studying at MU MU.

Is the NSZ organized in Slovakia?

Yes, SCIO organizes tests also in Slovakia (Bratislava, Žilina, Košice)

Is it possible to study in a combined form of study?

No, just a full-time form.

Can I report on multiple disciplines?

Yes you can. You must complete a separate e-application for each branch and pay a handling charge.

I want to ask for a waiver of the entrance exam. Just click on the e-application only?

You either need to send written request , or if it is not necessary to document an officially certified copy of the document (options 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9), it is possible to fill in request scanned and pasted into the e-application as an attachment - by 28 February 2018 at the latest.

I have succeeded in the National Comparative Exam. Is it necessary to send a certified copy of the SCIO certificate to the written application?

No, in this case, only a written request is sufficient. However, you need to agree to provide information about your result to the Faculty of Informatics to SCIO, which organizes the NSZ.

Please pay attention to other questions concerning the admission procedure, see

Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions to Follow-Up Master Study

I am a student of the last semester of bachelor studies at the Faculty of Informatics of the MU and I meet the study average of 2.00 or I am in the 50th percentile in my study program. Do I have to file a written request for remission?

No, a candidate who is studying in the fall of 2017 in the bachelor study program at MU MU and meets the criteria for rejecting the entrance examination in the post-Master's study from the spring semester 2018 does not have to apply. The waiver will be evaluated on the basis of the submitted application form and the applicants will be informed in electronic form.

I am a student of the last bachelor's degree from another university, how should I apply when I am applying for a waiver?

An applicant for a waiver of a test will send a written request to the Study Department so that it is delivered by the end of the filing period. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the completed courses in the Bachelor's degree program, together with the average of the average of the study, issued by the relevant higher education institution. If the candidate is a student of the last year of the relevant study, the list of subjects must be issued not earlier than 3 months before the entrance examination.

I am a bachelor's graduate, how should I apply when I am applying for a waiver?

An applicant for a waiver of a test will send a written request to the Study Department so that it is delivered by the end of the filing period. The application will be accompanied by a record of the subjects completed in the bachelor's study, together with the achieved average of the average grade issued by the relevant higher education institution (it is possible to prove the achieved percentile). If the applicant has already completed a bachelor's study, the list of subjects must be issued after his / her completion.

I am a candidate from abroad, will I manage to do everything?

Applications will be processed continuously after payment of the fee for the admission procedure. Invitations to admission examinations or decisions to waive the entrance exam will also be sent on a continuous basis. For applicants outside of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, we recommend that the application be submitted as soon as possible (including, if applicable, sending the application for a waiver of the entrance exam) and payment of the fee.