Dr. Achim Blumensath      
Masaryk University   Room:  C413
Faculty of Informatics   Phone:  +420-549-49-3166
Botanická 68a   E-mail:
602 00 Brno      
Czech Republic      

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Each document is available in two versions: single-sided in A5 format and double-sided in A4 format.

Monadic Second-Order Model Theory [A5, A4]
Abstract Algebraic Language Theory [A5, A4]
Combinatorial Games [A5, A4]
Logic, Algebra and Geometry [A5, A4]
  A. Set Theory [A5, A4]
  B. General Algebra [A5, A4]
  C. First-Order Logic [A5, A4]
  D. Axiomatisation and Definability [A5, A4]
  E. Classical Model Theory [A5, A4]
  F. Geometric Model Theory [A5, A4]
  G. Stable Model Theory [A5, A4]