Technical Reports

The report FIMU-RS-2008-07

Partial Order Reduction for State/Event LTL

by Nikola Bene¹, Lubo¹ Brim, Ivana Èerná, Jiøí Sochor, Pavlína Vaøeková, Barbora Zimmerová, July 2008, 21 pages.

FIMU-RS-2008-07. Available as Postscript, PDF.


Software systems assembled from a large number of autonomous components become an interesting target for formal verification due to the issue of correct interplay in component interaction. State/event LTL incorporates both states and events to express important properties of component-based software systems.

The main contribution of the paper is a partial order reduction technique for verification of state/event LTL properties. The core of the partial order reduction is a novel notion of stuttering equivalence which we call state/event stuttering equivalence. The positive attribute of the equivalence is that it can be resolved with existing methods for partial order reduction. State/event LTL properties are, in general, not preserved under state/event stuttering equivalence. To this end we define a new logic, called weak state/event LTL, which is invariant under the new equivalence.

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