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Consultations and special educational events for companies and other organizations

Consulting services and lifelong learning at FI

Opportunity for small and medium enterprises and individuals

  • Do you develop large-scale software applications and systems?
  • Do you need to follow the latest trends in IT, use the most modern tools?
  • Don't have the capacity to maintain a corporate education system?

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At favorable price conditions, we offer consulting services and business courses tailored to small, medium and large companies operating in the field of information technology and elsewhere.

We specialize in the following areas:
  • Development in Java language for beginners and advanced incl. mastering development environments
  • Design and implementation of large-scale systems on the Java Enterprise Edition platform
  • Software engineering, data and object modeling, design patterns
  • Expert studies and consultations in the field of critical infrastructures, security and communications in the energy sector, especially in distribution and smart metering