Technical Reports

A list without abstracts sorted by year - 2003

Object with Roles and VREcko system

by Lubomír Markovič, September 2003, 17 pages.

FIMU-RS-2003-06. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Process Rewrite Systems with Weak Finite-State Unit

by Mojmír Křetínský, Vojtěch Řehák, Jan Strejček, This is a full version of the paper presented at INFINITY`03. September 2003, 23 pages.

FIMU-RS-2003-05. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Parallel Algorithms for Detection of Negative Cycles

by Luboš Brim, Ivana Černá, Lukáš Hejtmánek, This is a full version of the paper presented at PARCO 2003. July 2003, 14 pages.

FIMU-RS-2003-04. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Relating Hierarchy of Linear Temporal Properties to Model Checking

by Ivana Černá, Radek Pelánek, April 2003, 18 pages.

FIMU-RS-2003-03. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Linear Binary Space Partitions and Hierarchy of Object Classes

by Petr Tobola, Karel Nechvíle, April 2003, 21 pages.

FIMU-RS-2003-02. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

Modelling Dialogue Systems by Finite Automata

by Ivan Kopeček, Libor Škarvada, March 2003, 13 pages.

FIMU-RS-2003-01. Abstract, Postscript, PDF.

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