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Thu, 29 Jan 2009

Questionable Content

When browsing the Web, one can often find a content, which is - how to say it - questionable. Recently I have found an excellent example of it :-)

Hannelore Questionable Content is a web comic written by Jeph Jacques. It is not only interesting and funny, but it also contains humanoid robots, lots of rock music references (not that I get most of those), occasional anime references, and the highest proportion of characters with mental disorders from all the web comic strips. The only annoying part is occasional filler strips and guest strips. But on the other hand, it is actually released five times a week (unlike the Order of the Stick these days).

For a light intro you can read for example the story arc beginning in the strip #1322 from a week ago. Or start from the beginning. Favourite character? Hannelore the obsessive-compulsive disorder, of course. Go forth and waste your time :-)

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