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Fri, 18 Nov 2011

Google Authenticator

For some time, I have been considering adding two-factor authentication to my systems in order to prevent break-ins in case somebody's workstation is compromised (which is a common attack vector these days). One of the systems for one-time passwords is Google Authenticator.

G-A has an application for many smart-phone platforms (Android, iOS, Blackberry), and has a PAM module, which is even packaged in Fedora. It stores users' secrets in a file in the home directory, and uses 6-digit time-based passwords and 8-digit emergency scratch passwords. The configuration in Fedora is pretty straightforward:

There are several problems with SSH-daemon, though:

Especially the second problem is pretty serious, as I wanted to allow also public key + one-time password authentication there.

So, my dear lazyweb, what kind of two-factor authentication do you use?

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Adelton wrote:

Dan has just released post to his blog at -- I did not dig deep whether it solves or just reiterates the SELinux problem thou.

Yenya wrote: Re: Adelton

Yep. The SELinux team has definitely the best response time (and attitude!) in Fedora bugzilla. There is further discussion ongoing in this BZ entry. For all interested parties, I suggest to continue discussion in that BZ.

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