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Tue, 22 Aug 2006

A Media Day

On Friday, there was a "media day" here. We have created (read: Mirek has created :-) a system which can discover similar documents in our base of documents (students' homeworks, theses, etc.). Almost all computer-related media and some mainstream media has published the press release, or an article based on it. On Friday, even two TV stations and a radio station Radiožurnál did a coverage of this event. I have even played a student typing into a computer in the N@va TV news :-).

In the afternoon, I did an interview (or something like that) for the Czech TV about an Internet telephony (the journalist said "about Skyping", oh horror). I hope I have managed to pass the main message "do not use proprietary protocols which are not compatible with anyone" through. Altough I suppose they can also edit this footage so that I would look as a compelte fool. Let's see how it will look like. I am glad I managed to decline an offer for another interview for the Czech TV (I have gratuitously passed it to another person; I have yet to watch the result from their web archive :-).

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Vasek Stodulka wrote:

Send some links, i want to see theese. :-)

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