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Thu, 27 Apr 2006

In a different time zone

My car was due to the bi-annualy mandatory technical check-up, so I wondered where it can be done. Well, the list is here at the Ministry of Transportation. However, the control stations in Brno are booked out for several weeks. Mirek suggested that I use the control station in Kunštát.

I called them, and wanted to book up in advance. I was surprised it is not even necessary to book up there. However, it seems that somewhere beyond Brno suburbs there starts a different time zone, which is maybe 3 or 4 hours off from CET :-). For example, on Fridays, the control station in Kunštát is open from 6am till 10am! They seem to completely miss the time when people are active, and they work during the night instead...

Anyway, I have decided to get up in the night, and visit them. The check-up went OK (save a minor oil leakage and a rusty exhaust pipe). I can surely recommend them. Even with 2x 43km drive it took only two hours (I left home at 6:30am and was back in Brno at 8:30am), definitely less than undertaking the check-up in Brno, even with prior booking the time.

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Martiner wrote:

STK ROsice rulez :)

Vaek Stodlka wrote: Prices

And compare the pricing. :) Control station in Zln (town) takes nearly two times more money then control station in Bezolupy (village), it is 10km from Zln. I thought it is somehow defined by the ministry (or somebody), but obviously not. In Bezolupy you also do not need to book and I think they do not even support booking. They also live in a normal time zone and two days in week they are open until 18:00. And the whole check-up is very fast, it took me every time up to 20 minutes from arrival.

Vasek Stodlka wrote: Diacritic

Hmmm, diacritic obviously do not work well. It is "Zlin", "Brezolupy" and my name is "Vasek Stodulka". :)

Yenya wrote: STK Rosice

STK Rosice is bad I've called them yesterday, and they said that they are pretty busy these days. Moreover, they do not have the emission control station nearby, as they said.

Yenya wrote: Encoding

Vasek, sorry for the encoding - I think blosxom can correctly handle UTF-8 only, but mod_html steps in, and the charset is b0rken. US-ASCII is the only safe charset in comments for now.

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