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Tue, 11 Mar 2008

What is Jabok?

One of the Iva's favourite pastimes is that she thinks up a random word and asks me whether it does mean anything. Yesterday she asked: "What is JABOK?"


Well, I happen to know what Jabok is, so I said Jabok is a school. She thought up another one and asked: "Is it also a school?" I said I don't know. "Why?" "I don't have a big enough head to hold the names of all schools in the world there". Her answer was really stunning:

"Does an elephant know all those names?"

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Vasek Stodulka wrote:

I am looking forward to play such games with Vendula (now she is one and half month old). She recently learned how to smile and now she is trying to take control over her voice - today at morning she was "talking" to me and smiling for maybe 15 minutes. It is beginning to be fun with her. BTW: very cute picture.

errhm..hmm..yesihavesome wrote: sooo funny

Pánové, nic proti Vendulce nebo Ivě, ale proč se dva inteligentní lidé vybavují lámanou (protože nikoliv nativní) angličtinou, když oba jistě umí dobře česky? Nejste na meetingu, takže není třeba dělat vlny..

Yenya wrote: English

Well, one of the purposes of this blog is to improve my English. I use my English for reading mostly, so I need to practice it also by actively writing something. If you are aware of any grammar or spelling mistakes in my blog, you are welcome to point them out. On the other hand, comments are welcome even in Czech or Slovak (or maybe Japanese?).

errhm..hmm..yesihavesome wrote:

Your English is very good, probably better than mine. The only thing that (IMHO) cries "I am not a native speaker" is that it's slightly too verbose. But who cares..

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