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Wed, 30 Aug 2006

Svíčky 2006

On Saturday I took part in another puzzle-solving outdoor game, Svíčky. I was a member of team Abpopa.

We had a slow start as always, in the first three stages we were at about 25th place (out of 53 teams), and we were slowly improving our position. During stages 9 or 10 (I don't remember correctly) we were at the third place.

We have however spent many hours on a not-so-hard stage, which was based on Roman numerals. We knew that the distribution of code sequences matched the distribution of letters in Czech texts, but for many hours we were not able to figure out the encoding.

We have finished at stage 15 (out of 17, I think), which we have obtained as 8th team, well after the time limit, after giving up at two other stages and getting the solution from the organizers. Overall it was a nice game, though the stage with colors was probably unsolvable.

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