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Tue, 20 Nov 2012

SMD Soldering

For the first time in my life, i have tried to solder SMD components (as I have written before, I am working on DYI LED lights for my bike). The component side looks OK, and soldering through-hole components went without problems. The SMD parts were a bit tricky, though.

bike lights board bike lights

I have used an ordinary soldering station with temperature regulation, but the results are not pretty. I wonder what is required to achieve this level of quality (watch from 14:10). One possible problem might be that some components on my board (especially the smallest sensing resistors) are connected to the highest-current and thus thickest paths, which suck great amounts of thermal energy when soldering.

Anyway, from the preliminary testing, it seems that my board works. So far I have found the following problems:

Now it's time to finish the firmware and to start adjusting the mechanical parts. I have already made the front spotlight and rear spotlight, and I want to make a LED string. Any tips about making a waterproof LED string out of 3mm through-hole LEDs will be appreciated. Should I use silicon, shrink-wrap tube, or what?

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