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Mon, 08 Aug 2005

Shovel. Stir. Water!

Yesterday we went with Iva to a boat cruise on the Brno reservoir. We have announced to her in advance that she would see boats, water, and so on. When we were driving by car to the reservoir, she suddenly said: "Shovel!". "What shovel?", I replied. "Shovel. Stir!". "What? Does she want to play with sand?", I asked my wife. "Stir. Water!" replied Iva. "Why does she want to stir water with shovel?", I thought.

It turned out that she remembered that a month ago she was riding a canoe with Pavlina, and she thought that the paddle is something like a big shovel, which is used to stir the water. It is interesting to see the way babies think.

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Bulik wrote:

Better than "Stir.Water." would be "Martini Vodka.Stir.Don't shake" ;)

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