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Thu, 17 Jan 2008


Yesterday's Hyena writes about the robotic vacuum cleaner. I have looked into this (having the flat cleaned when you are away looks tempting :-), but I think I need more references.

So far I have found Roomba robots (they even have a user-programmable version designed for hackers!), and I have read some reviews. There seem to be some problems:

So, my dear lazyweb - do you have Roomba or some other vacuum cleaning robot? Where did you buy it? And would you recommend it?

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Stepan wrote:

I have seen two of those pretty machines in colleague's house in US. As far as I can remember: they're useful on "plain" floors (carpet is in whole room or nowhere). Will try to find out more info..

Vasek Stodulka wrote:

You can currenty buy Electrolux Trilobyte in CZ, but I have no experience with it.

Ondra Krajicek wrote:

Well, I have it :-). My experience is that if you want to perform once-in-a-while cleaning up, this is not the best tool to use. However, for regular use, it's working pretty well. I purchased via without problems. With it, I usually have to use "ordinary" vacuum cleaner once a month or two. PS: Yenya bloguje, husty ;-)).

Yenya wrote: Re: Ondra Krajíček

What frequency do you mean by a "regular use"? Re: PS - welcome in the real world, I am blogging for ~2.5 years now.

Ondra Krajicek wrote: Regular Use

Depends primarily on the kind of floor. I strongly prefer wooden floor to carpets which accumulates dust quite quicky, so Roomba is needed approx. once or twice a week. I have never used it extensively on carpets though.

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