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Wed, 19 Sep 2012

Playing with Prezi

A while ago, I've came across Prezi presentation tool. It is completely different approach to presentation than slides with bullet-points. I didn't like the dependence on either the on-line access with Flash, or on the Windows executable (with embedded Flash, of course). Today, I did my first presentation using Prezi (together with Šimon).

Yenya at PAN 2012

We have been given 10 minutes to present our approach to two sub-tasks of the Plagiarism Detection task of PAN 2012. We used Prezi in order to be able to focus on explaining our approach without devoting too much time to explaining the structure of the talk to the audience. I think this is a great strength of Prezi, if used correctly.

So, my dear readers, do you think Prezi can be a useful tool, or do you instead agree with Peter (in Slovak), that it is just an over-glorified eye-candy? You can see our presentation here. Thanks to Yuri for the photo!

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Milan Zamazal wrote:

How can I view your presentation? The link displays a web page with some Flash and Gnash can't play the Flash thing in my browser.

Yenya wrote: Re: Milan Zamazal

Yes,this is Flash. If Gnash can't play this, I am sorry.

dan wrote:

Do you know reveal.js ( I've seen a couple of presentations in it and it was quite nice - it has a nice design and even animated transitions, although not as fancy as Prezi. And all you need is a browser.

Yenya wrote: Re: reveal.js

Thanks for the link - I have looked at reveal.js, and while it is interesting to make presentations in HTML, I think reveal.js transitions are exactly the kind of unnecessary eye-candy. I would guess exact positioning of elements is impossible, as well as automatic size scaling to fit different aspect ratios (which is what Prezi does, as I have discovered).

Peter Kruty wrote: impress.js

I compeltely forgot to mention impress.js, which might help you to have Prezi-like presentation, but remove dependency on flesh. Still have the same problem as Prezi :). I can't find the visual effects helping, but rather disturbing the presentation. It might help the speaker as it reflects his mental image of the presented concept, but I believe it doesn't help to build the same image with the audience.

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