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Fri, 26 Aug 2005

Dreams and nightmares

I always wondered from which age children begin to dream during sleep. It is of course difficult to tell, because the child does not know what a dream is, so it cannot tell you about the dream. What kind of dreams they have? And what kind of nightmares? What really bad thing they can imagine?

A few days ago Iva undoubtedly had both a nice dream and a nightmare. She woke up early at night laughing loudly, and then fell asleep again. Few hours later, she woke up crying and sobbing - she said that she did not want her teddy-bear to be thrown to a drain. She obviously mixed up two of her favourite activities - throwing pebbles to a drain on the street, and playing with her teddy-bear - to something really nightmarish.

Iva with mushroom

A photo from our holidays in Šumava. No, Iva does not eat mushrooms :-)

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