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Wed, 04 Jan 2006

Driving the dustbin

As I wrote few days ago, my car is being repaired, they are trying to resuscitate the injection computer after the unsuccessful firmware upgrade. They lent me a Škoda Favorit, age of which I estimate to 15+ years (it is the older series of Favorit). The life with this dustbin^Wcar is often really interesting ...

Firstly they put the new winter tyres on this car. However, one tyre was faulty, and I had to change it. Interesingly enough, the car had a spare tyre and tools. However, the lifter was broken, so I had to call the owners for help anyway. They arrived, even though it was in the evening, they changed the wheel, and took the faulty one for repair. So now I have one front wheel with a winter tyre, and the other one with the universal one.

I have realized that the spare tyre had too low pressure. So I wanted to inflate it. However, the cap has not been removed for a long time, and I was not able to unscrew it by hand. Fortunately they had pliers inside the car.

After the Christmas, we wanted to visit my parents. I wanted Pavlína to drive, so that I could drink some wine with my father :-). However, we realized that the driver's seat cannot be fixed in the front position, so she could not reach the pedals. I had to drive then. Fortunately we have found about it on the way there, before I had a chance to drink any alcohol.

The dash-board lights are only partly working, so in the evening I can see what time is it, but not what speed I am driving at.

Also the properties of one winter tyre and one unviversal tyre on the front wheels are interesting, especially these days, when I often have to drive on a snowy road. I have checked that hard braking on the snow is OK (fortunately), but accelerating or parking in the deeper snow can be problematic sometimes - because of the balance gear, one wheel starts to skid. I was even not able to drive up to the not so steep hill on the way from my parents' house.

I hope I will have my own car back soon ...

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