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Tue, 19 Jan 2010

Digital Slot Cars

We have got a new slot cars set for Christmas. I had one when I was a child, and I quite liked to play with it, build and tune my own cars, etc. slot cars Several years later, we had an 8-track slot cars simulator in our SGI computer lab. Well, today's state-of-the-art slot cars systems are completely different beasts to what I used to know.

The system we have is SCX Digital 1:32. I have bought an F-1 set with one additional car (guess which one :-) and some track parts. The features and my experience so far include:

There are only two drawbacks: firstly, it is probably the most expensive slot cars system available, and then the F-1 cars are very brittle. Especially the mirrors of Ferrari are prone to snapping off.

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thingie wrote:

And what was the exact price? Single H0 scale model railway engine with a digital control, lights and sound can easily cost more than 500 euro… (Well, H0 is 1:87 scale, this thing is insanely large, 1:32 is suitable for a garden railway, not an indoor model.)

Yenya wrote: Re: thingie

The price was slightly more than 500 euro. As for the model railway, the advantage of slot cars track is that it can be easily dismantled, so even though the circuit can be about 4 to 2-3 meters, it does not occupy the floor space permanently. That said, model railway is a different kind of hobby (I used to have a TT-scale set; the only drawback was that all engines were modelled after German railway ones, not ČSD ones I have been used to see in real life).

Honza Holcapek wrote: International competition of self-driving slot cars

Just in case you don't already know of this event:

Yenya wrote: Re: International competition of self-driving slot cars

I did not know about it, thanks for the info. However, I do not posess enough hw-fu to build such a car, and I generally prefer to control the car myself :-). It would nevertheless be interesting to have such cars with accelerometers and some kind of CPU + devel environment pre-built, and compete in writing firmware for these cars. Or maybe equip the cars with some kind of telemetry and control them using laptops.

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