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Tue, 02 Oct 2007

Bicycle Rim

A while ago I wrote about my trouble with a new paint for my bicycle frame. I have already solved this problem (people at Aluservis have removed the old paint, and the paintshop Pavel Oršula painted the frame). Today I want to add another complaint to RockRoad.CZ, a shop which did the original paint, and some other repairs of my bicycle:

I bought a new rim for my front wheel there. I used to have 20-622 tyre, and they recommended a suitable new rim, which I have bought. However, yesterday I rode the bicycle and had a quite serious puncture (destroying not only the tube, but also the tyre). I went to another repair shop, which is near to the place where I work, to buy a new tyre and tube. They were quite unhappy with my new rim, and said that 20 milimeters wide tyre is too narrow for this rim, and that they are not surprised that I had a puncture with such a narrow tyre on that relatively wide rim.

So I bought a 23-622 tyre instead (they said even this is probably too narrow for that rim). Meanwhile, I have discovered a new development in bicycle tyres: the new tyre has beads with kevlar cords, which is not only lighter than the tyre with steel cords, but the tyre can also be folded to a small package(!) - just like the inner tube is folded to a small package. Anyway, stay away from RockRoad.CZ.

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davro wrote:

Yes, most road cyclists use 23/622. And to add some info about new painting to your bike, I have heart about Boss Opportunity - Brno Líšeň, which has a very good reference. It is a car repair but they do also airbrushing.

Yenya wrote: Boss

Actually, I have visited Boss in Renault Líšeň. They had longer delivery times (two or three weeks), and they were not willing to remove the old paint. OTOH Pavel Oršula was quite helpful with finding the firm which could remove the old paint. Interestingly enough, one of the images in Boss' galery was the same like Pavel Oršula has shown to me as a sample of his work:

davro wrote:

hmmm, very nice...

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