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Tue, 14 Jul 2015

I am looking for the best way how to publish my photos on the Web. So far I have ruled out putting my photos to some "cloud" service out of my control (Picasa, Flickr, Rajče). I want something which could generate a static tree of files (HTML/CSS/JPG/JS), which can then be published by any web hosting service, or even on my own server.

Some time ago I have tested Highslide.js, but this is more lightbox than a gallery, and it cannot adapt itself to the size of the screen.

I have looked at Darktable, which has its own "web gallery" export format, but surrounding Javascripts are not good enough to make it fit the screen. I have googled many other project, usually ruling them out solely based on their demo galleries.

What looks promising so far, is the thing named Photoswipe. There still are some problems, though:

So, my dear lazyweb: which gallery for static files do you use? I would like to have something with the following properties:

What would you recommend?

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Vašek Stodůlka wrote:

I know, that it is maybe something different, then you are searching, but I'm using trovebox. You can see it live at It supports private and public stuff, sharing by creating link, albums, tags (!) and is quite fast. What is bad is, that trovebox is discontinued, but it is still by far the best private-hosted gallery I have seen, and I have searched a lot. (I had to do also some tweaks to have it working the way I want to.)

Yenya wrote: Re: Vašek Stodůlka

Apparently your trovebox requires cookies or whatever - I was not able to make it display any photo at all - just the surrounding text and an empty page.

Vašek Stodůlka wrote:

Hm, you are right with cookies, I have never tried this. :-) There is session ID cookie. IMHO there is nothing wrong on cookies, as long as they are used by the server, which originally issued them. BTW - Picasa works without cookies?

Yenya wrote: Re: Picasa

Picasa without cookies? No idea, I don't use Picasa. And for things like Google Excel (or whatever, people occasionally send me links to that crap and want me to write something in there) I tend to have a special Firefox session which has cookies for allowed.

Michal wrote: JAlbum

How about JAlbum?

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