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Thu, 07 Feb 2008

QR Code on a Business Card

It seems more and more phones are able to read the "2-dimensional bar codes", such as QR Code. While these codes have a widespread use mainly in Japan, they will probably become popular here as well. I have been thinking about puting one to my business card (actually, Mirka was the one who got the idea first).

QR Code with this blog URL The problem is that there apparently is no standard way of formatting contact data in the QR code. All readers I have seen so far handle them as plain text, searching for embedded phone numbers and URLs the same way as they do when displaying any other plain text data (like SMS messages).

For example, the generator allows to create codes for URLs, phone numbers, or plain text. However, the code for an URL looks exactly the same as an equivalent code for plain text with that URL, and the code for a phone number is the same as the code of the "TEL:that_phone_number" plain text string.

I have not found how to encode the information "the phone number of Kasprzak, Jan is +420123456789" in a way which the scanner inside the phone can understand (i.e. by adding the contact to the phonebook, including my long-and-complicated surname). Does my lazyweb know how to do this?

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misch wrote:

What about an URL pointing to a vCard file? It is not so convenient as having vCard encoded directly in QR Code, but on the other hand, it will allow you to change your address details easily.

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