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Wed, 01 Sep 2010

Perl6 - Rakudo

I have installed Fedora 14 Alpha in a virtual machine in order to test emerging technologies like systemd and Perl 6. I have not tried the Perl 6 language features yet, just did several small performance tests:

[root@nausicaa ~]# time perl -e 1

real	0m0.029s
user	0m0.012s
sys	0m0.018s
[root@nausicaa ~]# time perl6 -e 1

real	0m2.773s
user	0m2.137s
sys	0m0.635s
[root@nausicaa ~]# time perl -e 'for (1..10_000) { 42; }'

real	0m0.027s
user	0m0.008s
sys	0m0.019s
[root@nausicaa ~]# time perl6 -e 'for (1..10_000) { 42; }'

real	0m7.705s
user	0m6.779s
sys	0m0.922s

I know Rakudo Perl is not optimized yet, but taking over two seconds just to start the interpreter makes it unusable even for playing and trying.

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Peter Kruty wrote: hmm

Interesting, I played with rakudo like 8-9 months ago and it certainly was not so bad with performance. What I was frustrated from was the mismatch between documentation and implementation. When I checked on IRC, guys basically confirmed, that implementation is and will be different, just documentation is outdated. It's fairly difficult to play with Perl 6 and enjoy it, if something is not implemented yet and something is implemented differently and it's not always obvious which is the case.

himdel wrote: hmm

Hmm, I'd say the documentation got much better recently, there's a lot of tutorials floating around. And feature-wise, I'm pretty excited, especially since most of it works *NOW* (well, now + 15s :D). But yeah, the speed sucks and loadin perl5 modules is not supported yet :(.

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