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Mon, 28 Apr 2008

OpenSolaris, try 1

Given the recent uproar between the OpenSolaris community and Sun corporate overlords (insightfully commented by Ted Ts'o), I have decided to give OpenSolaris a try.

It was a failure: I did not found what version should I download:

So, my dear lazyweb, where would you start if you wanted to try OpenSolaris without registering, and with access to all the source in the Open Source(tm) manner, including the rights to modify the software and publish benchmarks? And, more importantly, have you ever kissed a girl?

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Vasek Stodulka wrote:

The linked mail is absolutely cool. :-)

Spes wrote:

Interesting, I tried the OpenSolaris last Friday as well and found the LiveCDs sufficient. I couldn't run promising Belenix in Qemu(KVM), but this one should be possible to install on HDD (according to screenshots). The Milax (minimalistic) LiveCD works well in Qemu. If you create any ready to use OpenSolaris image, I would be interested :-).

Kyo wrote:

Vasek Stodulka: AFAIK, Dave Miller *does* have a girlfriend. I find it likely that he has already kissed her, unless she is a nun or something like that. ;-)

Yenya wrote: Kissed a girl?

Well, DaveM's reply is here:

Yenya wrote: Re: Spes

Well, if I create an OpenSolaris image, I would most probably not be allowed to give it to you (and maybe even talk to you about how it works :-) Let's ask Sun guys at the EurOpen conference.

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