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Wed, 09 Aug 2006

Odysseus with Ext3

OK, Odysseus is fully restored now. I have also decided to re-create the main RAID-5 volume (with the chunk size increased from the default of 64k to 512k), and running the ext3 filesystem.

So far I think ext3 is not slower or more CPU intensive than XFS was, but we will see what happens during the upcoming release of Fedora Core 6.

According to iostat(8), the average request size on the raw disks is slightly above 64k - it is bigger than the previous chunk size, but nowhere near the present chunk size (even while running a purely sequential load like cat FC3-x86_64-DVD.iso > /dev/null). Dear lazyweb, which kernel parameter should I change?

I just wonder how long the e2fsck will take, because even mke2fs ran for 2+ hour (while the RAID-5 volume was being rebuilt, but still it is too long, I think). Maybe I should implement a poor man's background fsck - once in three months or so remount the FTP volume read-only, and run fsck on it.

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