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Thu, 09 Nov 2006

My Next Phone

OK, I think we probably have a winner. For some time I has been thinking about replacing my aging Nokia 6310i with something newer, more capable, and preferably Linux-based. I have been looking at some Motorolas, but it seems that this one is way better: It is truly open, including the whole kernel and hardware drivers (it only runs a proprietary GSM stack on a separate CPU), it has GPS, and it allows users to run X11 apps (unlike Motorola, where user apps are mostly limited to that slow Java). I hope it will be released soon and I hope I will find somebody to order it from.

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Milan Zamazal wrote:

Being recently equipped with a Linux PDA I can see the following problem: I can either use the Qtopia platform that is stable and comfortable but of limited features and incompatible with most free applications (which might turn the Greenphone project into just another substrate of proprietary systems), or an X11 platform that can run a lot of applications that are unstable and inconvenient to use on a mobile device. What we need is a free stable X11 platform customized for mobile devices. Hopefully this project could help with this. But what else is this project good for? With the small and possibly fragile display and no keyboard (really?) it can hardly be much more than, ehm, a phone. What would be the added value to persuade me to upgrade my old Ericsson T39?

Yenya wrote: Why a smartphone?

This one has GPS, for example. And it probably can play films - think playing Krteček to you bored kid when waiting for a meal in a restaurant or during any other kind of waiting :-). This is what I use my Palm T5 for (aside of being a nice OGG player).

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